Why we think Maine-Anjou cattle are the best

We aren't experts, but we pay attention. Excellent feed conversion, carcass quality, and grade. Rugged health traits, calving ease, milk production and four legs and a tail that get them through the woods, up the mountain, and down to the river. All that and a disposition rivaling that of most dogs.

Other monochromatic breeds are envious and in fact use the excellent genetic qualities of Maine-Anjou to improve their herds.


After having cattle scattered around Snohomish County Washington for several years, we have finally aquired a place for the animals! Well, on the same road at least.

From time to time we have animals for sale. Bulls, cows, heifers, bred heifers, cow calf pairs and calves. Private treaty locker beef, whole, half or quarter. Check back frequently to see what's available.

Our Herd was started with breeding stock imported from Canada in 2010. Since, we strive to improve the herd with Fullblood Maine-Anjou genetics through artificial insemination using sires from North America.

The Maine-Anjou (in French: Maine-Anjou, Rouge des Prés) is a breed of cattle originating in the Anjou region in West France. It was created by the Viscount Olivier de Rougé (see House of Rougé)